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Tubes: technology

The term "tube" most often applies to packaging made in the process of (pasting with imprinted paper or another fine material, e.g. the recently trendy flock-type material which perfectly imitates suede) of cardboard, cylindrical tubes (cores).

We offer cores in virtually all diameters, lengths, thicknesses and internal surface finishing (cardboard, chalk overlay paper, printed paper, laminates for specialist applications).
The tube seals can be of metal, plastic or cardboard.

Tubes: metal seals

Metal bottoms are made of varnished metal sheet and dyed with eye-catching colours. This type of seal is mainly used for packing alcohols and cosmetics. The bottom is usually attached permanently to a tube by means of machine-performed rolling around cardboard, the lid is tightly fitted into the internal tube diameter so that it provides a firm sealing yet enabling easy opening.

Currently we offer the following internal diameters of tubes (and seals) [mm]: 50, 60, 73, 79,82,86,99,110,120,125 and 150. In case other diameters are required we can swiftly develop necessary instrumentation. We offer flat seals or with ornamental conical mould. We can stamp the Client's logo on both the bottom and lid which adds value to the entire packaging.

Tubes: plastic seals

Plastic seals are used for functional packages for seasonings, salt, powdered sugar or all sorts of granulated products. The bottom, thanks to a special shape, provides a firm package seal. The lid is available in two versions: used for opening tube (packages for granulated or pellet products) or used for dosing tube's content.

PAKODRUK uses a four-position batcher (functions: sealed, small openings, large openings, open) features a great functionality appreciated by consumers (easy turn, a position block, flat surface) and exceptional aesthetics.

We are able to produce plastic seals in practically any custom-chosen colour. We boast instrumentation for production of seals of commonly used internal 60 mm diameter. Since this type of packaging is used mainly for foods, we guarantee proper quality and compliance with obligatory regulations for all raw materials used to produce.

Tubes: cardboard seals

Cardboard seals can be used for packages-tubes for cosmetics or other fancy packages of multiple applications. This type of seal is a section of specially refined (coated), cardboard core, of the round-moulded edge using PAKODRUK reserved technology and finished with a cardboard disk glued in from inside. The seal diameter is calculated in such a way that it fits tightly in the tube. Bottom seal of the tube can be made using the same technology (round-moulded bottom edge with a glued-in disk) or using a metal or plastic bottom. Such tubes, due to uniformity of the used materials, are extremely attractive to the eye.

Tubes: examples

An exclusive tube; this exceptionally smooth surface has been obtained thanks to a cardboard label, additionally hot silver-plated with a foil and press-formed, varnished metal seals of intriguing conical mould.
Internal diameter - 79 mm.
Colour tube of interesting texture, coated with chromolux paper label, UV varnished and press-formed. Metal gold-plated seal.
Internal diameter - 86 mm.
A small attractive tube for toilet water, chromolux paper label, additionally hot gold-plated and press-formed.
Metal seal, gold-varnished, manufacturer's pressed logo.
Internal diameter - 50 mm.
A tube as an aesthetic, clever and practical package for powdered sugar. Core lined with PE+A1 laminate, pasted with label paper, dispersion varnish.
Seal with a batcher, internal diameter - 60 mm.
An exclusive tube; exceptionally smooth surface has been obtained due to cardboard label, additionally hot gold-plated with foil. Metal seal, gold-varnished of intriguing conical mould.
Internal diameter - 86 mm.
A little tube for toilet water.
Label - chromolux 900, metal seal, internal diameter - 79 mm.
Attractive tubes coated with flock material (full-colour offset printing available), hot gold-plating with foil, internal diameter - 99 mm.
An exclusive tube; exceptionally smooth surface has been obtained due to cardboard label, additionally hot gold-plated with foil. Metal seal, gold-varnished of intriguing conical mould.
Internal diameter - 86 mm.