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Oval boxes - made by means of round-moulding cardboard edges according to a proprietary technology; thanks to it we can create packages of any given shape - from a circle (silver jewellery "Sekret PiÍkna"), oval (the cheese "Sekret Mnicha"), polygon (pentagon - camembert cheese "Moja Porcja") or another custom shape from your imagination (heart, Christmas tree, bell...).

Such boxes are still rare on the market, so they are bound to draw consumers' attention by being positively distinguishable from other products on shops' shelves traditionally packed in cubicoid-shaped boxes.

We are convinced that they bring an added value to Clients - owing to their decorative shapes and durability they are perfect for storing children's treasures, Lady of the House's knick-knacks or a man's stuff.

Concept boxes made with the use of a proprietary technology of round-moulding cardboard edge.

Fancy jewellery boxes. The raw material used is decorative cardboard, dyed, weight 250 g/m2.
Your attention will be drawn by the ingenious additional pocket for a round flier.

Mass-production boxes for a popular mould-cheese, made of cardboard GD-2 350 g/m2, UV varnished.
An ingenious protection against inadvertent opening.

Mass-production boxes for a popular Camembert cheese, made of cardboard GD-2, 350 g/m2.
Lid with a cut-out, offset-printed in 5 colours and UV varnished.
An ingenious protection against inadvertent opening.
Concept heart-shaped boxes, decorative cardboard, mass-dyed, G.S.M. 250 g/m2, lid coated with flock-type material (offset printing available).
Eye-catching, simple in form cosmetics boxes, made of printed cardboard alaska 350 g/m2, inscriptions additionally press-formed. All covered with dispersion varnish.
The original PAKODRUK technology makes it possible to create boxes of virtually any given shape. A detail of round-moulded cardboard edge forming the box's rim.