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As one of very few we have mastered the technology of printing over various bases with cold-bonding adhesive. Thanks to that our Clients may pack their products in durable, aesthetic boxes without the need to invest in expensive bonding machinery.

Blisterpack - combination of printed carton with a pressed piece of plastic, both joint without hot-bonding thanks to the unique technology of covering paper with cold-bonding adhesive.

An innovative packaging for plasters made of sulphite paper 40 g/m2, flexography-printed
in 2 colours.
The other side of the ribbon coated with a layer of cold-bonding adhesive.
Ribbons join permanently without the need to hot-bond.
An innovative "blister" packaging of cardboard GD-2, 450 g/m2.
4-colour offset print + UV varnish.
Two layers of cardboard permanently joint (mechanically pressed) one to the other and a moulder thanks to a layer of cold-bonding adhesive.