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PAKODRUK Sp. J. Zakład Poligraficzny Wojciech Kubiak, Zygmunt Patkowski i Stanisław Przychodzki has been in business since 1991. From the very launch of our activity we have specialised in the packaging production.

We are Poland's precursors in the application of flexographic printing technology (candy wrappers, coated film and paper for milk and fat industry, cured meat products protective foils, packaging for ice-cream, tea, pasta, etc.).
The second direction of our company development are packaging produced with the use of offset printing. As a result of enlargement of machinery stock in 1995 with high-efficiency gluing machines and punching machines we are able to accept virtually every order for packaging of bonbon boxes, little cartons, displays, multi-packs, etc. At that time we also commenced a close cooperation for packaging design with specialists associated with the Fine Arts Academy in Poznan. We didn't have to wait long for results - the whole series of unique packaging of up till then unparalleled shapes was swiftly designed. Recipients of these extraordinary boxes became predominantly confectionery firms, and the impressive bonbon Christmas tree-like and star-like boxes, Easter eggs and hearts were huge success with shops' numerous customers.

In 2001 we developed and reserved the right at the Patent Office the technology of manufacturing boxes with the method of round-forming edges of cardboard, and we commenced production of packaging of this type (e.g. the well known camembert cheese "Sekret Mnicha" and "Moja Porcja").

The very same year we extended our offer by another novelty on the Polish market - coating paper with a layer of cold-bonding adhesive. The technology enables permanent packing of products without the need to apply a energy-consuming hot-bonding (e.g. assembling dressing plasters or manufacture of blisterpack).
From 2002 we have been supplying our contractors with "tube" packages - coated cardboard cores used among others for sale of alcohols, cosmetics, seasonings, or clever packaging of presents and advertising gadgets.

The whole range of our offer has always been complemented by typical typographic services - printing fliers, labels, folders, posters, calendars, etc. as well as punching, cutting, varnishing, gold-plating or gluing.
The customer's satisfaction as well as quality of our services have always been our top priority. In September 2003 we began implementation of the Quality Management System compliant with the international ISO 9001:2000 standard and we received the Certificate in April 2004.

PAKODRUK employs or closely cooperates with people of great creativity. We are able to face all our Clients' challenges.
We wish to cooperate with production firms, service companies, advertising agencies of all sizes as well as individual customers.