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Unusual packaging (style boxes), made thanks to our designers' non-standard imagination with the use of the traditional die method.

These non-typical packages are mainly used by our clients to pack sweets, it suffices to mention "Gwiazda", "Jajko" or "Samolot" bonbons by WAWEL, "Choinka" by HIDEBRANDT or "Serce" by TERRAVITA. This method can be applied to produce boxes for cosmetics, jewellery or... your products.

Special occasion attractive packaging for chocolates, made of cardboard GC-2, 300 g/m2, 5-colour offset printing, dispersion varnish.
Additional hot gold-plating and decorative press-forming on logotype, window made of Astralon.
A hexagonal bonbon box, made of cardboard GC-2, G.S.M. 275 g/m2.
5-colour offset printing, mat offset varnish, hot gold-plated and press-forming.
Polygon star-like bonbon box, made of cardboard GD-2, 450 g/m2 (top and bottom) and 230 g/m2 (sides), 6-colour print and UV varnished.
Ingenious holiday-time chocolate boxes. Raw-material: cardboard GC-2, 300 g/m2,
print: 4 colours, UV varnish.
Rigid packaging made of coated microcorrugated paper with cardboard GC-2.
Eye-catching hot gold-plating with foil and press-forming.
"Kit" packaging - owing to the use of glued cross-bottom assembled as late as at the producer's.
Original holiday-time bonbon box.
A series of jewellery boxes. Mass-dyed cardboard, felt inlet.